70 Chevrolet Chevelle Digi-Tails Pair

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  • Description

  • An electronic LED flasher (see Related Products) is highly recommended for use with DIGI-TAILS Digital Tail Lights, but may not be necessary.
  • If you are installing both LED tail lights and LED front lights, two electronic LED flashers are required.
  • Housing and lenses are not included, however, DIGI-TAILS taillight kits are designed to fit your existing housing and lens perfectly.
  • Number of LED’s:            36 per side


    Sequential Functions:      Brake: Inside to outside 

    Turn Signal: inside toward outside

    What’s in the Box:          

    ·       2 LED panels

    ·       2 rubber grommets

    ·       1 Power wire

    ·       1 Pigtail Harness

    ·       Crimp terminals

    ·       Glue

    ·       Instructions



    Click Here to download Installation Instructions for this kit:  70 Chevelle Instructions

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