70-81 F - Body StreetGrip System

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This kit is the most advanced, complete, affordable and all USA made kit on the market. It offers the best ride quality of any suspension system available. It will work with your stock 14"+ Wheels too! This is an easy one day project that will transform your stock or modified muscle car into one you ENJOY driving, with a comfortable ride and great handling, all froma kit that comes in ONE box!

1970 - 1981 Camaro / Firebird Kit Includes:

  • (2) Front Progressive Rate Powder Coated Coil springs (Approx 1" drop)
  • (2) Rear Composite Leaf Springs with Billet ends (Approx 1" drop)
  • (4) Ridetech HQ - Single Adjustable MonoTube Shocks - Million Mile Warrantied
  • Front Heavy Duty Sway Bar with Delrin Frame Bushings and End link Kit
  • (8) Delrin Front Control Arm Bushings - Upper and Lower
  • (12) Rear Leaf Spring Bushings and shackle kit
  • (2) Tall Upper Ball Joints

This is due to the ultra high quality Ridetech/Fox Billet MonoTube Shocks, which are the HQ - Single Adjustable series, allowing you to dial in the ride quality to suit YOU!

The USA Made Hyperco Springs in this kit are a "Progressive Rate" meaning when you are cruising down the road, you are riding on the softer part of the coil. As the coil is loaded up (cornering) it gets stiffer to help keep the car level and in control.

The Hyperco composite leafs reduce unsprung weight by 50lbs! This improves ride quality and handling as well.

The new heavy duty Powder Coated front Sway Bar has been tuned perfectly to the rest of the system. It includes new Delrin frame bushings and new end links as well.

The Taller Upper Ball Joints play a major role in this kit. The stock suspension geometry in our cars was horrible! There was far too much "Positive Camber" in the system. This caused the tires to roll out in a turn, giving you much less tire contacting the ground, who wants that?! The height of the spindle was a major contributor to this. By swapping in a taller upper ball joint you increase the distance from the upper and lower control arms, this will reposition the control arms to correct the camber curve, giving you a much more stable and enjoyable driving and cornering experience.

The (8) included Front, Upper and Lower Delrin Control Arm Bushings are a major upgrade as well. The OE rubber bushings allow too much deflection on the arms. Poly will resist smooth rotation and impose stiction. Delrin eliminates these issues, leading to a huge improvement in both ride quality and handling.

The Rear Leaf Spring Delrin Bushing kit includes all 12 bushings you need for the frame, the rear of the leafs and the front of the leafs. It also includes new shacles and sleeves! These offer the same benefits as the front Delrin bushings do!

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